Survey for Theatre Graduates

As part of creating a textbook on The Business of Theatre in English-speaking Canada, a survey is being conducted of those who studied theatre in a Canadian post-secondary institution or conservatory in the last 10 years. Responses will help pinpoint information that would be useful in preparing future students for a career in the theatre industry.  
The survey is for a wide range of individuals who studied acting, directing, design, production, arts management, or any other related theatrical field. 
The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete. Please click the link below to go to the on-line survey. It will be open for responses until November 4th.  
Survey link: 
Participation is completely voluntary, and all responses will be kept confidential. No personally identifiable information will be associated with your responses to any of the questions.   
Your response and time are greatly appreciated as it will support the next generation of theatre students.  
For comments or questions, please contact: 
Hope McIntyre, Assistant Professor
University of Winnipeg 

Posted by Dospel & GanjaParker