CATR Committees 2023-24 / Comités de l’ACRT 2023-2024

Nominations Committee / Comité des mises en candidature
Michelle MacArthur (chair/présidente), Matt Jones (Elections Officer/responsable des élections), David Owen, Thea Fitz-James

Committee on Conduct / Comité de déontologie
Selena Couture, Andy Houston, Signy Lynch
For complaints or concerns, please contact the Committee on Conduct (here).
(read by all Committee on Conduct members/lu par l’ensemble des membres du comité de déontologie)

Task Force on Precarity
Jacqueline Taucar (chair/présidente), Taiwo Afolabi, Taylor Graham, Signy Lynch, Michelle MacArthur, Jayna Mees, Neil Silcox

Ad Hoc Data and Information Sharing Committee
Robin C. Whittaker (chair/président), TBD

Ad Hoc Recognitions Committee / Comité ad hoc des distinctions
Jimena Ortuzar (chair/présidente), Robin C. Whittaker, Giorelle Diokno, Jacqueline Taucar, Craig Walker, Cassandre Chatonnier

Ad Hoc Archival Committee / Comité ad hoc des archives
Jess Riley (chair/présidente), Moira Day, Kim McLeod, Jacqueline Taucar, Robin C. Whittaker

Ad Hoc Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Committee / Comité ad hoc de l’antiracisme et de l’anti-oppression
Robin C. Whittaker (interim chair/président par intérim), Jimena Ortuzar, Carla Melo, Andy Houston, Shelley Liebembuk, Taylor Graham, Cassandre Chatonnier

Ad Hoc Communications Committee / Comité ad hoc des communications
Taylor Graham (chair/présidente), Giorelle Diokno, Bridget Baldwin, Carly Maga, Neil Silcox, Fraser Stephens, Robin Whittaker

Ad Hoc 50th Anniversary Committee / Comité ad hoc du 50e anniversaire
Robin Whittaker (chair/président), Jess Riley, Deneh’Cho Thompson, Taylor Graham, Craig Walker, Kailin Wright

Joint TheatreAgora Committee (with SQET) / Comité mixte ThéâtreAgora (avec la SQET)
Fraser Stevens (chair/président), Taiwo Afolabi, Katrina Dunn, Nicole Nolette (chair/président), Jane Koustas, Jordana Cox (Curator/conservatrice), Andy Houston, Marie-Eve Skelling Desmeules, Jacob Nevins (Technical Director/directeur technique), Jeanne Murray-Tanguay



Scholarly Awards Committees for 2023-24 / Comités des prix d’excellence 2023-24
Jimena Ortuzar (Coordinator/coordinatrice)
· Jean-Cléo Godin Award Committee / Comité du prix Jean-Cléo Godin - TBD
· Patrick O’Neill Award Committee / Comité du prix Patrick O’Neill - TBD
· Richard Plant Award Committee / Comité du prix Richard Plant - TBD
· Ann Saddlemyer Award Committee / Comité du prix Ann Saddlemyer - TBD

Robert G. Lawrence Prize Committee 2022 / Comité du prix Robert G. Lawrence 2022
Jess Riley (chair/présidente), Eliza Gardiner, Peter Kuling, Lindsay Lachance, Michelle MacArthur, Carla Melo

Scholarships and Grants Committee 2023 (Robert G. Lawrence Scholarship, Heather McCallum Scholarship, Denis Salter Grants) / Comité des bourses et subventions 2023 (Bourse Robert G. Lawrence, Bourse Heather McCallum, subventions Denis Salter)
Emily Rollie (chair/présidente), David Geary, Michael F. Bergmann


CATR 2024 / ACRT 2024

Advisory Committee

Robin C. Whittaker (President), Fraser Stevens (Conference Co-Chair), Taiwo Afolabi (Conference Co-Chair, Programming Chair, Vice President), Katrina Dunn (Finance Chair, Treasurer), Katie Zien (Local Arrangement Coordinator)

Conference Organizing Committee / Comité d’organisation du colloque
Taiwo Afolabi (Conference Co-Chair, Programming Chair), Fraser Stevens (Conference Co-Chair), Katie Zien (Local Arrangement Coordinator), Cassandre Chatonnier (Local Performance Coordinator), Dave DeGrow (Conference Coordinator), Kelsey Blair (Program Scheduling), Justin Blum (Program Scheduling), Katrina Dunn (Finance Chair), Jayna Mees (Accessibility Chair), Taylor Graham (Communications Chair), Sebastian Samur (Translation Chair), TBD (Digital Dramaturgy Chair), Robin Whittaker (President)

Programming Committee / Comité du programme
Taiwo Afolabi (chair/président), Michelle MacArthur, Sasha Kovacs, Kailin Wright, Justin Blum, Kelsey Blair, Katie Zien, Wes Pearce

Finance and Financial Management Committee
Katrina Dunn (Chair), TBD

Communications Committee
Taylor Graham (Chair), TBD

Accessibility Committee
Jayna Mees (Chair), TBD

Translation Committee
Sebastian Samur (Chair), TBD

Digital Dramaturgy Committee