Congratulations to 2023 Max Wyman Laureate, Jerry Wasserman

On behalf of the CATR Board, congratulations to CATR Lifetime Associate Jerry Wasserman on receiving the prestigious 2023 Max Wyman Award in Critical Writing! As many of you know, Jerry is an acclaimed theatre critic, actor, and UBC professor emeritus based out of Vancouver.

As noted in the press release (linked here), the “annual award celebrates critical commentary on the visual, performing and literary arts in the province of British Columbia. It is intended to honour informed and compelling writing that stimulates critical thinking, fosters ongoing discussion about the role of arts and culture in contemporary society and demonstrates the value of creative commentary in our understanding of the world around us.” As part of the award, a mentee, named by the laureate, also receives a prize. In this regard, Jerry has named emerging writer and media artist Angie Rico as his mentee.

Congratulations to Jerry and Angie!

Robin C. Whittaker
CATR/ACRT President
Associate Professor, Drama, Department of English, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB

Posted by Dospel & GanjaParker