Save the Date for Applied Theatre Now

Applied Theatre Now: Theory, Practice, Impacts  
A three-part virtual conversation series for CATR members 

What are the current stakes of applied theatre in Canada, and further afield, in these times of upheaval? What vocabularies, theories, methodologies, practices and aesthetics are researchers and artists working with in response to the now

Please join us for this virtual conversation series in which we grapple with these questions in three lively sessions, each facilitated by Christine Balt and assisted by graduate students Brent Saccucci, Stephanie Talder, and Iván-Daniel Espinosa. No advance preparation is required for this series: just arrive with your scholarly and artistic discoveries, dilemmas, critical reflections, and innovations. Activities will include panels, presentations, small breakout room discussions, and whole-group collaborative brainstorms. 

Please register to attend one, two, or all of the sessions here

Contact Christine Balt at with your questions

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