PSi: Open Call: Working Group on Critical Race Performance Studies

Open Call: Working Group on Critical Race Performance Studies

Performance Studies international (PSi) invites members to join PSi’s new working group on critical race performance studies. Broadly, the working group will support current research, scholarship, and artistry that critically engages studies around race and performance. As part of PSi’s commitment to antiracism and anticolonialism, the working group will host an annual panel that features emerging work and critical discourse on race and performance at every conference akin to the “How PSi Thinks” event that occurs annually. Working group members also may have the opportunity to collaborate with the advisory committee on antiracism and anticolonialism for conference events. The working group meets in person or online quarterly, including at the annual conference, and is otherwise in regular contact through digital means; the inaugural meeting will occur in January 2022.We encourage participation from Artist/Scholars who identify as diverse (eg. Black and Global Majority, Indigenous peoples/First Nations, people of colour, LGBTQIA+, living with disability).

Working group members must be:
● current PSi members or individuals motivated to become PSi members at time of acceptance;
● available for online meetings and project updates (most times of the year, this means responding to email and other messages; however, during busy times, this can entail regular Zoom meetings);
● committed to diversifying PSi and performance studies more generally as well as building a wide network of scholars and artists.

Interested parties should contact PSi Director of Antiracist Actions and Practices, Kimberly Welch ( The deadline is January 5, 2021. A description is available in alternate formats if required, including Non-English Language, Large Print, and Plain English.

For more information about PSi, please visit

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