Partition/Ensemble – Signed Music Panel

August 27, 2020

The organising team of Partition/Ensemble is thrilled to announce that the plenary session “Signed Music and the Deaf Musicians” is now LIVE! You’ll find here the video of the session (in ASL and LSQ) as well as the ASL/English and LSQ/French transcripts, videos of the performances referenced by the participants, and a series of connected resources on signed music. Huge thanks to the plenary participants, Hodan Youssouf, Pamela E. Witcher, and Dr. Jody Cripps, to the interpreters and translators, and to Dr. Ash McAskill who pulled this all together.
While this took an unexpectedly long time, we are very happy with the final product and proud of the contribution it makes to Deaf arts and to our associations.
Sending good energy,
L’équipe de Partition/Ensemble

Posted by Dospel & GanjaParker