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August 4, 2020

Good day Partition/Ensemble participants!

How can we trace the dialogue between sound, light, play, and video? How can we transcribe the space left to the unpredictable, the unsayable, the sensitive, in the creation of a work? In what ways and to what degree can we evolve the “doing/making together” (faire-ensemble) of the theatre in order to create a greater openness to the different languages that collide within it, some of which we may not yet master?

Coordinated by Anne-Marie Ouellet, the panel “Writing Beyond the Text” gathers practitioners whose varied endeavours raise aesthetic, philosophic and ethical questions. Fieldwork, ambulatory performance, circus, installation: so many case studies proposing a virtual foray into partitions in which stage composition transcends the written text.

Alison Bowie, Mélanie Binette, Robert Faguy, Louis Patrick Leroux, Anne-Marie Ouellet, Guillaume Saindon, Natalia Soldera, and Thomas Rieppi will be meeting on Zoom on Thursday (August 6) at 1:30pm (EST). In French.
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