Partition/Ensemble: Final Events

August 7, 2020

Hello everyone,

The symposium is almost over!

Until then, have you paid a visit to Jean-Paul Quéinnec, Andrée-Anne Giguère, and Pierre Tremblay-Thériault’s Habitaciones: Amazonian Phonography? Sponsored, for the occasion, by the Cole Foundation, their ‘cylinder’ will allow you to create your own heterogeneous partitions by positioning yourself in relation to the materials. These experiences of performative and interstitial partition will allow each of us to evoke our own phonographic gestures.

Also, tomorrow (Saturday, August 8) will take place, at 2pm (EST), Come to One Mind: Consensus Making on Kanien’kehá:ka Territory, a synchronous, online workshop facilitated by theatre-maker Ange Loft where participants will be engaging in exercise that help us to unpack the images of Indigenous Nation to Nation agreements made around the St Lawrence River valley through text and embodied response.

Posted by Dospel & GanjaParker