Minding Niimi / Imagination / Imaging September 18th (13.30 EDT, 18.30 BST, 19.30 CET)

Tickets are now available for this innovative live streamed event which will be shown in the round!

An Indigenous Dancer, An Indian Dancer, An International Group of Collaborators

Indigenous land, An Urban Park, A Concrete Environment

Human Eyes, A Handheld Camera, A Smartphone Camera

A GoPro camera, A Drone Camera, Human Ears

Sound of Physics/Music

For artists, ecologists, live performers, sculptors, academicians , wood detectives and more …

Bespoke tech will enable you to watch diverse Eco-Art films and dance, with their creators on screen in the round- breaking out of the rectangular live streaming frameworkwe’re all so used to. They’ll each discuss the works, inviting Q&A at the end.

These artistic and performative projects explore our relationship-making with Trees at intersections of de-colonializing politics.

Moderator: Rasa Smite, Atmospheric Forests RIXC. The Center for Art and Science in Riga.

Creators: Digital Dramaturgy Lab squared and friends.

Each Pay-What-You-Can ticket includes a donation to plant one or more indigenous rainforest trees via TreeSisters.org


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Posted by Dospel & GanjaParker