Mentorship Group Project for First-Time CATR Conference Attendees

CATR 2022, Mentorship group project synchronic with the annual conference
Leader : Christine (cricri) Bellerose, coordinator for the CATR mentorship program

Call for participants to enter the lottery for a chance to join the 2022 edition of the
Mentorship group project
synchronic with the annual Canadian Association for Theater
Research (CATR) conference! To be eligible, you must be attending your first CATR
conference. In the spirit of the Fringe Festival’s selection model, the CATR Mentorship Program
will draw 10 names, on Monday 21 March 2022. Each mentee will receive an annual CATR
To participate, send us a short bio, and name your artistic movement practice(s) and fields of
study. Please send your application here.

Deadline: Sunday 20 March 2022

This mentorship project is a dynamic group approach synchronic to the conference.
Mentoring is for you because:
1) You are enrolled in a Canadian university,
2) Are part of a Theatre, Performance Studies, Dance, Literature, Performing Arts, and
Media Design program,
3) Let us know of your interest in attending the CATR conference
4) This mentorship project is open to Undergrads, MA and PhD students
5) You must make yourself available for a large part of the conference, 2 pre-conference group meetings, 1 post-conference group meeting, and to create together the material for our roundtable presentation taking place during the conference’s Closing Remark*.

Plus, we aim to collect the roundtable material to produce a collective article to be published in a
peer-reviewed journal, as well as providing a special session attending to grant application.

Please note that: the mentorship project initiative does not require any in-person attendance, and
as well, all meetings and discussions will be facilitated online via Zoom and Discord whether
you are attending the conference in person or remotely. The languages are fluid French and
English, with subtitles during Zoom sessions in English, and translation into French in the chat
box upon request. We are also aiming for sign language interpretation during our roundtable at
the conference’s Closing Remark.

*CATR 2022 conference: Performing Emergence: RePlay, ReCollect, ReExist: May 27-28
(online), June 6-7 (online), June 12-14 (hybrid). Detail on this page
** The speaking time is 5 minutes per participant, which includes your presentation of interests
and contributions (like a business card!), a question to ask one of the participants (each question
is determined and chosen in advance, during a joint workshop), and an answer.

The objectives of the mentorship group project are as follows,
• Share the passion for research and its practice
• Create a professional and caring network
• Develop active listening skills as well as a dynamic of comprehension synthesis
• To mentor the next generation of researchers and artist-researchers

The CATR Mentorship Committee’s mission is to foster and support a mutual aid culture within
the association and among members including emerging scholars, precariously employed
academics, part-time teachers, artists and practitioners, researchers, and established scholars. The
program now runs three strands: pairing; the mentorship group project synchronic with the
annual conference; and story-sharing circles.

Are you interested in joining us? We are looking for 2 members to complete the team. Please
send your offer here.

Posted by Dospel & GanjaParker