Join Us Thursday for the Virtual Launch of Theatre Research in Canada 41.2!

You’re Invited to the Virtual Launch of Theatre Research in Canada 41.2!
Join us Thursday, January 21 at 6pm EST for the virtual launch of Theatre Research in Canada’s special issue Performance for/by/with Young People in Canada! Enjoy readings from the authors of five articles in the issue who will be answering the question “Why does thinking about young people in performance matter, especially now?” After the readings, there will be a discussion period where we encourage you to offer your own answer to this question, or you ask follow up questions to any of our authors. To register, please follow the link in the button below. We look forward to celebrating with you!  Featured Authors Kathleen Gallagher and Andrew KushnirThe Aesthetics of Towards Youth: Making Relations in and through TheatreYana MeerzonTraversée: Crossing Borders in Search of the Emancipatory Theatre for ChildrenJulia HendersonDisrupting Age Stereotypes in Theatre for Young Audiences with Older-Bodied Puppets •Diane ConradYouth Participatory Action Research and Applied Theatre Engagement: Supporting Indigenous Youth Survivance and ResurgenceJenn BoulayManifesting the Future
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