CFP – Association of Acting Coaches and Educators (AACE) Conference 2023: “Power: Evolving Dynamics”

Dear Colleagues,

Below please find the Call for Proposals for workshops for the 2023 Association of Acting Coaches and Educators (AACE) Conference.

AACE 2023 Conference: “Power: Evolving Dynamics”

Saturday May 20th & Sunday 21st, 2023
Tarragon Theatre
Toronto, ON

Our understanding of the balance of power in the acting studio or classroom has grown immensely. At the heart of any healthy student/teacher relationship is recognizing the evolving dynamics of how power flows. It is up to us as coaches and educators to continually interrogate our relationship to power so that we can always foster respect-based environments that empower and inspire. The AACE Acting Coaches and Educators conference will help us delve deeper into how power manifests. How it can be used responsibly and with compassion within these intersecting areas of our sector: Gender Diversity & Inclusion; Young Performers; Tools for Empowerment (see attached CFP for further details).

Conference Categories

Gender Diversity & Inclusion is about acknowledging that everyone deserves to be treated with respect regardless of gender identity or expression, and ensuring that our teaching and coaching practices are inclusive and supportive without being prescriptive. We are looking for workshops on how to navigate the challenges and changing landscape that gender presents for coaches and educators in the classroom. We are open to exploring any proposal on this topic. Below are some examples:

  • Care and sensitivity in casting
  • Pronouns, Labels and Language
  • Conversations about authenticity
  • Gender and Sexuality in the Acting Classroom

Tools for Empowerment is about learning practical skills that elevate our teaching; help grow our ethical business practices; and enable us to create safer spaces for ourselves and our students. We are open to exploring any proposal on this topic. Below are some examples:

  • Creating and enacting safer business practices
  • Marketing with integrity
  • Tools for resilience and reclamation of self for both coach/educator and students
  • Creating and supporting a continued trusting environment that promotes vulnerability and communication for all

Young Performers is about exploring the processes and responsibilities of working with young people in the world of performance; supporting coaches in navigating and balancing the unique power dynamics when working with young performers, parents and production. We are open to exploring any proposal on this topic. Below are some examples:

  • Advocating agency in young performers
  • How to coach and safeguard young actors in emotionally charged scenes
  • How to work safely with students and parents who become activated/triggered
  • Working with new parents on how to support their young performer to be ready to work

Proposal Submissions 

AACE was created to build a community that shares, learns, and grows from each other. We are now accepting proposals for workshops for our two-day conference from acting coaches and educators to teach us important career skills to elevate and empower our teaching practice.

Submission Guidelines

Please read the category descriptions and submit accordingly. You may submit in more than one category. All workshops are 90 minutes with small honoraria provided, lunch and free admission on the day your workshop is scheduled. 

Please send the following:

  • 250 – 500-word blurb describing your workshop. Please include the following subheadings: Workshop Title, Workshop Description/Summary: (150 words) please include the objective for your workshop. What will participants learn? 
  • Describe Workshop Activity: provide a brief outline of your approach and its intended outcome(s). 
  • Include your CV and those CVs of other workshop leaders involved (if applicable).

Also include (should your proposal be chosen):

  • Recent Headshot and short 150-word biography
  • Indicate any access needs, special equipment or space requirements, and if your workshop can be live streamed

Submit to: 

Subject Line – [category of submission] Workshop Proposal

Proposal Deadline: Saturday April 15th 2023 – 6pm EST

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