CATR2018: Calls for participants in seminars, working groups, and curated panels

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CATR2018 Tuesday 29 May through Friday 1 June 2018 at the Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

CATR2018 is seeking participants for the following sessions. Click the links to go to the full CFP on the conference website:

deadline 15 January 2018

Age and Performance: Expanding Intersectionality Working Group
Convenors: Benjamin Gillespie & Julia Henderson

Disability, Pedagogies, and Performance Working Group
Convenors: Ashley McAskill & Jessica Watkin

Establishing a System of Peer Review: On-Campus Production-Based Research Working Group
Convenors: Claire Carolan, Ray Louter, James McKinnon, Ursula Neuerberg-Denzer, Sandra Chamberlain-Snider

Performance History Working Group
Convenor: Stephen Johnson

Scenography Working Group
Convenors: Natalie Rewa, Gabrielle Houle, Jacquey Taucar

deadline 15 January

Hot Mess: Nasty Feminisms in Performance
Convenors: Thea Fitz-James & Sydney Tyber

Performance for/by/with Young People: Presenting the “Here and Now”
Convenors: Sandra Chamberlain-Snider & Heather Fitzsimmons Frey

Performance Studies in Canada: Excavating Alternate Methodologies and Genealogies
Convenors: Susan Bennett, Laura Levin, Marlis Schweitzer

Spectatorship and Audience Research: Modes of Reception Beyond, Through, and Between Disciplines
Convenors: Cassandra Silver, Jenny Salisbury, Scott Mealey & Kelsey Jacobson

Theatre and (Im)migration: Performing Canadian Frontiers
Convenor: Yana Meerzon

Walking Our Way Here
Convenors: Jenn Cole, Natalie Rewa & Keren Zaiontz

deadlines 15 December 2017

CANADA150: Performing the Nation?
Convenor: Wes Pearce

Canadian Musicals / Musicals in Canada
Convenor: Grahame Renyk

Crossing Paradigmatic Boundaries:
Considering Tensions to Bolster Alliances

Convenors: Julia Gray and Catherine Graham

Excavating Sound: Shaping a Performance / Sound Studies Forum
Convenors: Megan Johnson and Moynan King

Extractivism in Canadian Performance Culture
Convenor: Kimberly Richards

Reconsidering Genre in Music Theatre
Convenors: Craig Walker & Colleen Renihan

Toward a Canadian Can(n)on: The role of Living History in Recognizing, Resisting, and Remaking a National Historical Narrative
Convenor: Ashley Williamson

Winners and Losers: Competition, Athletics, and Performance
Convenors: Christine Mazumdar & Kelsey Blair

deadlines 15 December 2017

Digital Dance, Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies in Canada
Convenor: Carolyne Clare

Theatre and Performance vs. the “Crisis in the Humanities”: Creative Pedagogies, Neoliberal Realities
Convenor: Kim Solga

Please direct general inquiries to Conference Co-Chairs Jenn Stephenson and Craig Walker at

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