CATR 2022 Conference: Call for Volunteers

CATR 2022 Conference: Call for Volunteers

The CATR 2022 Conference Organizing Team Needs You!

The Communications Committee is looking for new members to work on communications for the 2021 CATR/ACRT Conference. Tasks include determining communications needs with the organizing team, writing communications documents (CFPs, communiqués, logistics documents, copy for the website), liaising with translation and accessibility experts and committees, exploring digital tools to produce, organize, and archive text efficiently. No prior experience is necessary. Last year, we had a team of four to five people and the experience was very positive. We got to interact with lots of interesting people in the field, hold Zoom writing sessions together, and work in a supportive and collaborative environment. If you’re interested in joining us this year, please email CATR Communications Officer Matt Jones at

The Conference Organizing Committee is looking for volunteers for the Accessibility Committee that will devise and establish accessibility protocols for the 2022 conference. The Accessibility Committee will build on best practices established in previous years, consult with experts in accessibility, and work with other committees to ensure that principles of accessibility run deep in the conference organization. Interested CATR members should email Communications Officer Matt Jones at

The Digital Dramaturgy Committee is seeking two people to join the planning process for the 2022 CATR conference. The goals of the committee are both artistic and technological in nature. We will be working on ways to integrate the digital and live portions of the conference, enhancing the digital infrastructure (Theatre Agora website) created during last year’s conference planning, and with other committees to determine the best methods for delivering the programme. There is no requirement to be technologically savvy—we welcome anyone who is interested. If this opportunity intrigues you, please reach out to Fraser Stevens at

The Finance and Financial Management Committee is looking for three people to join its fundraising work for the 2022 conference. The broad work of raising this money will be divided into manageable categories so that each committee member has a clearly defined task. Examples of the kind of things that we’ll do include coordinating donations from theatre departments, liaising with publisher sponsors, soliciting foundations and government programs, and overseeing the payment of honorariums. The work will offer many opportunities to make new connections in theatre research community of Canada. Interested CATR members can contact Treasurer Katrina Dunn to join:

The Translation Committee seeks members to assist with the translation needs of the 2022 CATR Conference. Tasks will include organizing translation for documents (CFPs, communications, bios, etc.), planning bilingual moderation and coordinating live translation for major events. Bilingual ability is not a requirement, but certainly a welcome asset. Most of the translation work will be delegated to external translators, but the committee may undertake minor translations/proofreading. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the association’s bilingual activities and to network with other bilingual colleagues. If interested, please email Sebastian Samur at

If you are interested in working on any other aspects of the CATR 2022 Conference, or have any questions related to the conference, please reach out to the Conference Chair, Robin Whittaker, at

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