CATR is pleased to award Rahul Varma an honorary membership in recognition of his significant and sustained contributions to theatre and the performing arts in Canada. Born in India and based in Montreal, Varma co-founded Teesri Duniya Theatre in 1986, where he remains as its artistic director. Through this company, Varma promotes cultural inclusivity, the production of original work by visible minorities, and gender equity. Varma is himself a published playwright whose work is produced internationally. His breakthrough play, Counter Offence, is a complexly layered drama exploring a range of social and political issues inflected by systemic racism and was celebrated for its honesty, insight, and capacity to transform audience assumptions. Varma was a founding editor of cultural diversity and the stage, dedicated to cultural diversity on the stage. He has been a powerful, consistent, persistent voice for social justice, promoter of intercultural performance, and champion of human rights.