CATR Statement of Values

All members of the Canadian Association for Theatre Research deserve the professional respect and support necessary for professional growth and advancement. As is consistent with the Association’s values and goals regarding equity, diversity, and inclusion, all members also share the responsibility to prevent harassment and discrimination in our Association.

Énoncé des valeurs de l’ACRT

Chaque membre de l’Association canadienne de la recherche théâtrale a droit au respect professionnel, ainsi qu’à l’appui nécessaire à son développement et à son avancement professionnel. Tous les membres de l’Association partagent la responsabilité de prévenir le harcèlement et la discrimination en son sein. Une telle responsabilité partagée relève des valeurs et des buts de l’Association concernant l’équité, la diversité et l’inclusion.


CATR Board Statement

We, the Board of Directors of CATR, will strive to raise awareness of misconduct in the workplace by providing a workshop on this topic on an annual basis for a minimum of 3 years, keeping the conversation active and giving people the confidence to make changes in our working cultures where necessary.

We will develop and communicate a CATR Code of Conduct clearly and in writing to all members of CATR and to those with whom the Association works (e.g., invited keynote speakers, university hosts, food services, etc.) at the point of joining the association and/or the point of registration for any CATR event or activity.