CATR Student Travel Subsidy

The Canadian Association for Theatre Research/L’Association canadienne de la recherche théâtrale is proud to see an increasing level of participation in the annual conference from student members. CATR/ACRT aims to support contributions from emerging scholars by offering greatly reduced conference and membership fees, as well as by providing financial support to offset costs of travel for students coming to the annual conference. This financial support is made available thanks to the donations made by Association members. To apply for the travel fund subsidy, please read the information below.
Eligibility Guidelines and Details:
  • For this 2019 year, student travel subsidy amounts are guaranteed for eligible applicants at a $125 minimum.
  • Eligibility criteria for this support is as follows:
*Applicant must travel a minimum of 400km to attend the conference meeting
*Applicant must be a registered student and member of CATR
*Applicants must be making a scheduled contribution to the conference, as published on the conference program
How to Apply:
  • If you have any questions, exceptions, or special needs, do not hesitate to write to the treasurer at, and we will do what we can to assist, within our own budget restrictions.
  • This grant is intended to support those CATR student delegates in a situation of financial need. If you have funding from another source that reimburses you for the costs of your participation in the conference, the Board would encourage you to leave space for those with greater need. The Board is aware that eligibility guidelines are blunt instruments, and thus will not make eligibility for this award contingent on the applicant’s other sources of support, but in the case that you are receiving sufficient support from other sources, we would ask that you reconsider drawing on these funds that other student members of our community depend on greatly.