Robert G. Lawrence Scholarship/ La bourse Robert G. Lawrence

The Robert G. Lawrence Scholarship was established in 2016 by the CATR, with the generous support of Mrs. Robert G. Lawrence, to honour the memory and contribution of a valued member and friend of the Association. The scholarship is non-restrictive in research area; it can be awarded to projects that situate theatre or performance in international or transnational contexts or for projects that focus on Canadian theatre or performance, including pre- and post-Confederation, Indigenous, intercultural, and diasporic theatre or performance. To learn more about Robert Lawrence’s contributions to the association and field, please read the following tribute.

La bourse Robert G. Lawrence a été instituée en 2016 par l’ACRT, avec le généreux concours de l’épouse de feu Robert G. Lawrence, pour honorer la mémoire et l’apport d’un des membres et amis les plus estimés de l’Association. La bourse n’est pas restreinte aux recherches menées dans un champ en particulier. Elle peut être attribuée à des projets situant le théâtre ou la représentation en contexte international ou transnational tout autant qu’à des projets centrés sur l’art dramatique au Canada, par exemple avant ou après la Confédération, des thématiques autochtones, interculturelles ou mettant en scène des diasporas.

2022 Winner: 

Francis Matheu
Matheu’s project, a production of Caryl Churchill’s Vinegar Tom, to be produced in Feb 2023, attempts to extend Churchill’s work to address contemporary considerations of gender, race, and other identities within the play. In particular, the Lawrence Scholarship will support Matheu’s preparatory research and a planned paper to consider “how society’s past copes with disinformation and red-tagging of people in parallel to past and current events mirrored in the play” which we are eager to see presented at CATR 2023. The committee was eager to support creative and applied research projects like Matheu’s.

Past Winners

2021 – Natasha Visosky; Rémi Labrecque

2020 Patricia-Anne Blanchet

2019 – Mathilde Perallat – for her research in to the alternative circus scene in Montreal, considering elements of social circus on an alternative and localized level.

2018 Natalie Doonan

2017 – Seika Boye

2016 – Aaron Franks