CATR Committees, 2019-2020

Archive Committee: Moira Day, Kim McLeod, Jess Riley, Marlis Schweitzer

2020 Conference Local Arrangements Committee: Marie-Christine Lesage, Chantale Lepage, Shauna Janssen, Sylvain Lavoie, Erin Hurley, Nicole Nolette, Carole Nadeau, Ash McAskill

2020 Conference Programming Committee: Nicole Nolette and Sylvain Lavoie (co-chairs)

Committee on Conduct: Jill Carter, Kirsty Johnston, Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston

Nominations Committee: Mariel Belanger, David Owen (Chair)

Emerging Scholars Report Review Committee: Benjamin Gillespie and Signy Lynch

Mentorship Coordinator: Christine (cricri) Bellerose

Working Groups Coordinator: Sylvain Lavoie