Deadline approaching: CATR/ACRT Travel Subsidy

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The deadline for graduate students wishing to apply for the CATR travel subsidy is fast approaching. All eligible students (see criteria below) should send the following information to the Treasurer’s email at by 22 May 2017, by email attachment:

  • a copy of your membership receipt and conference registration receipt;
  • an email invitation to participate in the conference (panel, seminar, and other kinds of involvement/presentation; you can simply forward what you received);
  • documentation indicating your travel or accommodation (plane/rail/bus ticket, or hotel/residence booking, etc; reservations will serve the purpose).

Note: if you are driving or taking alternative means of travel without a standard ticket or bill, or otherwise have difficulty accessing appropriate documentation, send the Treasurer an email indicating your origin of travel and involvement in the conference, and we will follow up with you.

Residents of the Toronto region (416 and 905 area code) will not be able to receive travel or accommodation subsidies for this year. Registrants travelling from other regions of Ontario, and from Quebec, will receive costs up to $100, and registrants travelling from further away will receive costs up to a maximum of $250. For exceptions and special needs, write directly to the Treasurer, and we will do what we can to help.

Please note: application for this subsidy must be submitted by 22 May. This is a firm deadline. Cheques will be prepared to be distributed in person at the conference.

We appreciate that reimbursement guidelines are blunt instruments; if you have any questions, exceptions or special needs, do not hesitate to write to the Treasurer, and we will do what we can to assist, within our own budget restrictions.

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