Congratulations to Ric Knowles and Yvette Nolan

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Ric Knowles, Recipient of the CATR/ACRT Lifetime Achievement Award

On May 30, CATR/ACRT was delighted to honour Ric Knowles with a Lifetime Achievement Award and Yvette Nolan with an Honorary Membership in recognition of their exemplary scholarship, artistic creation, and leadership in the fields of Canadian theatre and performance. These awards were given at the conclusion of CATR/ACRT’s 2017 conference, a thematic exploration of “Performing the Anthropocene,” held in Toronto between May 27-30.

Every year the Association awards honorary memberships and lifetime achievement awards recognizing significant contributions to Canadian theatre. Since 1979, the year the first honorary memberships were given, more than fifty outstanding Canadians have been recognized.

Yvette Nolan, Recipient of the CATR/ACRT Honorary Membership Award

Honorary membership is awarded annually by the Association to a person who has made a significant and sustained contribution to Canadian theatre. Typically, the person selected is affiliated with the city or region where that year’s annual conference is being hosted. A lifetime achievement award is presented on occasion by the Association to honour a member (or former member) of the Association who has made a significant and sustained contribution to the field of theatre research in Canada. Recipients of these awards receive lifetime membership in the Association with all the benefits thereof.

Natalie Alvarez and Nina Lee Aquino presented Ric with his award. You can read their speeches here and here. Ric Knowles presented Yvette with her award. You can read his speech here.

Our sincerest congratulations to Ric and Yvette! We look forward to seeing you at many more CATR/ACRT conferences in the years ahead. To learn more about CATR/ACRT’s Lifetime Achievement and Honorary Memberships, including a list of past winners, please see here.

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