CATR 2019 Mentorship Program

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Attention CATR 2019 Attendees:

        Again this year, CATR will be facilitating a mentorship program*. Ahead of the conference, we will create mentoring partnerships, matching graduate students and new scholars withexperienced scholars. This year, we also facilitate peer-to-peer meeting. These pairs can connect over email in advance of the conference, make time to meet in person during the conference, and ideally continue to be in contact after the conference has ended.

        Attention mentors and peers! We receive frequent demands from mentees and peer-to-peer for discussing life-work balance/parenting-university/mental health; comps reading exams; isolation and a desire to connect to (___); exploring university/non-university employment; service.

If you are interested in participating as a mentor/mentee/peer-to-peer, please fill out the questions below and send your survey to CATR Mentorship Coordinator, Christine Bellerose <>

        Deadline to submit surveys: May 22, 2019

* CATR mentorship program was initiated by Dr. Jenn Stephenson.

Name and email:

Institutional affiliation (if any):

Career stage (student? adjunct faculty? tenure-track? independent scholar?):

5-10 keywords describing your research/teaching/practice interests:

Name of a person I do not yet know but would really like to meet:

(CATR program and university programs are great resources. Dare to meet!)

Do you recognize yourself in (one/more) frequent demands?  

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