Call for Papers: Performing Canadian Frontiers

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Performing Canadian Frontiers: Theatre and (Im)Migration, Volume 9 (May 2019)

New Essays on Canadian Theatre
Editor, Yana Meerzon
General Editor, Roberta Barker


Contributions are invited for a new publication dedicated to studying the impact immigrant artists have made and continue to make on the development of Canadian theater: its themes, characters, political and social issues, financial structures, as well as its artistic devices. The collection of scholarly articles Performing Canadian Frontiers: Theatre and (Im)Migration is scheduled to appear with the Playwrights Canada Press, May 2019, constituting Volume 9 of the series New Essays on Canadian Theatre.    The objective of this collection is to investigate the historical and contemporary impact immigrant populations have had on a rapidly changing Canadian society. It invites the participants to examine the historical, artistic, educational and methodological influence immigrant theatre artists had, could have had, or did not have on the development of Canadian theatre and performance stages, both in English and French, and /or other languages. It seeks to demonstrate how the increased presence of immigrant theatre artists actively contributing to English Canadian, Quebec, and Franco-Canadian theatre today prompts their audiences to rethink such fundamental concepts of Canadian social wellbeing as “civic nationalism” (Ignatieff 1994)[i] and “multiculturalism” (Taylor 1994)[ii].   Following Alan Filewod’s argument that English Canadian theatre has been produced in the process of creating “imagined community” through theatre arts (2002:2-11)[iii], this publication invites contributions on methodologies of making immigrant theatre in Canada and Quebec, which can be viewed as stemming from such a process. It encourages discussions of the history of performative rendering of immigration in Canada and Quebec; of the diverse experiences of artists-immigrants seeking professional employment in Canada; of the financial, material and economic conditions of making theatre in immigration; and of the work of 2nd generation (im)migrants, as well as of the themes and artistic methodologies proposed and practiced by the performance work (playwriting, acting, directing, design, choreography, soundscapes, to name a few) of immigrant theatre artists working on Canadian and Quebecois stages.   Looking at the cross-disciplinary scholarship on post-nationalism and globalization, this book invites contributions that make use of diverse methodological models of inquiry in theatre studies, such as but not limited to:

  • historiography     
  • performance studies        
  • theatre semiotics    
  • production, developmental and digital dramaturgy        
  • anthropology and (auto)ethnography
  • sociology
  • art and film history and theory    
  • audience and cognitive studies
  • language studies (linguistics and translation)    
  • theatre pedagogy
  • documentary and participatory theatre       
  • applied theatre   
  • literature and drama theory

The proposed working timeline for this publication is:

  1. Abstracts (250 words); Bios (100 words) – September 1, 2017.
  2. Finished articles (7000 words including Works Cited and Notes, MLA style) – March 1, 2018
  3. Peer-review process and editing – Spring-Summer  2018;
  4. Files to be sent to the publisher  – December 2018;
  5. Publication Date  —  May 2019 

For all questions and inquiries, please, write to Yana Meerzon directly at

Works Cited

[i] Ignatieff, Michael. Blood and Belonging: Journeys Into the New Nationalism, 1994.

[ii] Taylor, Charles. “The Politics of Recognition”, Multiculturalism: Examining the Politics of Recognition . Ed. Gutman, Amy. Princeton University Press; Expanded Paperback edition, 1994. 25-75.

[iii] Filewod, Alan. Performing Canada: The Nation Enacted in the Imagined Theatre. Textual Studies in Canada Monograph Series: Critical Performance/s in Canada. Kamloops, BC: Textual Studies in Canada, 2002.

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