2013 Lawrence Prize Winners and Citations


Kim McLeod, “Finding the New Radical: Digital Media, Oppositionality and Political Intervention in Contemporary Canadian Theatre.”

In her paper, McLeod raises important questions about the meaning of theatricality in our intermedial age through her analysis of the controversial provocations of Olivier Choinière and sound designer Éric Forget. She examines their work from a fresh perspective to raise questions about how Choinière’s challenge to conventional theatre may limit the activism he seeks to provoke. Her comparison of Project blanc with Route 501 revisited is an inspired choice which moves beyond the reactive qualities of some critiques of Choinière’s work to develop a more nuanced analysis which meets the work on its own terms. In addition, her incorporation of scholarship on the topic was effective, and she demonstrated a strong command of the case studies and broader principles at play in the major theoretical texts she cited. Further, her delivery was polished, professional and effective.

Honourable Mention

Julia Henderson, Outliers and Outcasts: Marginalized Theatre Practitioners and Practices.”

Henderson offers a new look at Lear through her application of postmodern concepts of time and age to the Vancouver-based Honest Fishmongers’ Equity Co-op production of King Lear. Her argument is well-grounded in the emerging scholarly literature concerning representations of age and ageing in theatre, and she draws on this scholarship to offer an impressive analysis of how the actors playing Lear and Cordelia embodied past and future ages respectively. Her presentation was clear, engaging, and demonstrated her thorough understanding and extensive research into her topic.